Sunday, 21 October 2018

The Peasants Are Revolting

The progressive vision is of a society dominated by an elite of well-educated, middle-class professionals doing lucrative work they deem important, without that claim ever being tested against the barometer of public opinion.

The justification for their lack of accountability stems from a belief in their own moral and intellectual superiority, which not only absolves them from the competing interests of others, but justifies them treating their inferiors as helpless victims in need of their guidance and support - an arrangement that not only endorses their sense of importance and provides plentiful job opportunities, but keeps the rest of society in its place.

Their recommendations for how everyone should live do not apply to themselves, because they consider themselves too wise and wonderful to be constrained by such arbitrary fetters. It's everyone else - the uneducated, feckless masses - who need to be kept on a short leash.

The guarantor of their preferred way of life is the almighty state, since it not only has the power to insulate them from accountability, but it stands as a living endorsement of top-down management by people like them. What's more, by sponsoring its redistributive and social engineering policies, progressives enjoy feelings of virtue, which confirm that they are the best among us, as well as a vicarious sense of power, which plays to their belief that they are our rightful leaders.

Progressives love to define themselves against their erstwhile rivals: fusty old conservative types, who still believe in hard work, merit, tradition, and all those other values that kept progressives from power for so long. Considering themselves on a higher evolutionary plane, they enjoy caricaturing these people as snobby suburban racists, and the source of all the world's evils, while gratefully letting them bankroll their own pampered existence.

What angers progressives most is when their nominated victims decide to reject their generous offer to run their lives, and choose to shift for themselves instead. As far as progressives are concerned, this breaks the contract between the ruled and their rulers - a betrayal they respond to by throwing their former mascots into the same basket of deplorables as those hated conservative types. Then they set about finding new, more worthy victims to dote on from the world's ever-growing collection of identity groups.

This is why progressives have been rapidly losing their minds in the wake of Brexit and Trump. The peasants and revolting, and in trying to argue against this phenomenon, they are only exposing their elitist true colours.

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